A Shade (Not 50) of Grey of Anya Hindmarch


Tonight’s the first day showing of 50 Shades of Grey, the movie. I know, I’m one of those people that read the book *not ashamed… ok ashamed hahaha*. Sure sure it was all exciting and whatever more it was offering, but it was not really as well written as I had originally thought. But never mind that, it made gazillions and literally awakened the senses (if you know what I mean haha) of many the world over. I’m not about to write about the toys that this book spawned, nor am I about to write about the apparel that was also born out of the novel hahaha (now wouldn’t that be funny if I suddenly start featuring merchandise related to that movie hahaha). Back to rated G, folks, sorrry 😀

I’m featuring a light grey (although it looked a bit taupe to me) Anya Hindmarch Ebury Maxi Tote. Haha my ode to One Shade of Grey hahaha.
iconebury-anyaI’m always up for bags that are not too serious- looking. This Anya Hindmarch Ebury Maxi Tote is conservative- classic in terms of style, but has that quirk in terms of design (I’d rather not use the word “twist” anymore since I’ve been hearing the phrase “classic with a twist” far too often that it needs to seriously be buried already lol).

I think this bag is also neutral enough a shade that will allow you to carry it quite often. The other “Tony the Tiger” Ebury tote is really cool to have as well, but I think that’s far too casual a bag to carry for work.


With this particular design, you can still get away with using it for the office or even for more informal business meetings 🙂

For more details on the Anya Hindmarch Ebury Maxi Tote, click HERE.


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