Bag Face- Off: Manu Atelier Pristine Bag vs. Danse Lente Mia Bag


Sorry but am I the only one who thinks Manu Atelier Pristine bags are ugly?




I have been seeing them on the arms of style influencers and I cringe. There is nothing about this bag that I find appealing. Perhaps the only thing going for it is its price which, at a little over $450, makes it more affordable than many premium designer handbags.

I’m sorry, but even at that price, I’d still not pay for one. The chain strap makes it look even cheaper. blank


I don’t know bag hags, I just really don’t like the way the bag looks. I don’t like its style and structure. For that amount, I’d have saved a bit more to get a Danse Lente Mia bag with those signature twisted rings detail.


The Danse Lente Mia bag above costs about $520, and is honestly a much better looking bag for a few $ more.

Tell me, which of the 2 bags would you choose? Manu Atelier’s Pristine Bag or Danse Lente’s Mia bag?


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