Bag Review: Anya Hindmarch Earl Valentine Canvas Tote



No I didn’t pick up this bag because it is nearly Valentines’ day. I actually picked out this bag after having these discussions with my friends who have lamented that bags are just getting heavier and heavier and more expensive that they just would rather carry a cloth or canvas bag.

Not one to miss an opportunity to rehash the history of how canvas bags had suddenly become chic, I brought up the old Anya Hindmarch “I Am Not a Plastic Bag” tote. It was like walking down memory lane when it came to that bag. I still remember the lines of people who were queued up for that tote. People went crazy. It was something like £15 for the tote. A designer tote. Days of that low- priced tote are long gone, but Anya Hindmarch has since continued to produce chic canvas totes like this one:


I think it’s cute because it also combines two of the things that any (almost any) woman would like– shoes and bag! And haha, quite a conversation starter too, this bag. Take a closer look at the image!

I like this bag a lot, I think it works as a wonderful weekend tote and I wouldn’t mind carrying this and for sure it’ll be stuffed to the brim because Anya’s canvas bags are light, leaving you more room to bring your things from the home!

This Anya Hindmarch Earl Valentine Toteicon is available for purchase HEREicon.



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