Bag Review: Burberry Blaze Haymarket Check- Animalier Bag


It has been five days since I last wrote something on the blog. I actually got real sick with asthma after an attack of allergies (I know, I sure got lucky with all these, didn’t I lol), and most of my time was spent offline tending to other matters (mostly health- related). I hardly even got on instagram in the last few days! Unusual, right? I’ve been quite groggy and light headed lately because of the antihistamine, and oh yeah, if you saw me these last few days I’m sure you’ve seen me turning red as a result of my constant coughing– I’m surprised I have not yet coughed my lungs out (ewww graphic haha). So boo, this had been a fairly uncomfortable week, health- wise!

I’ve been told to take it easy, so I did and rested this afternoon. I felt a tad better but I do wish I sound better (I croak like a frog that just got out of bed) and that I stop this uncontrollable cough already. Anyway, tonight is a quiet night of surfshopping– something I have not done in a super loooong time 🙂 I had actually forgotten how fun it was to do this and discover a lot of interesting things online– a lot of which are cool and some of which are just baffling.

Which brings me to tonight’s post about the Burberry Blaze Bag in Haymarket Check with Animalier.


Tell you frankly, when I first saw this bag I had to do a quick double take of the website I saw it from because it looked like a bag that was designed by counterfeiters! Sorry Burberry, but this is a major fail design- wise for me. While I liked the Blaze style as well as the haymarket checks, I don’t think adding another print did anything flattering to the bag. It is dreadful- looking 🙁 Prints plus prints don’t always equal success and this bag is just plain ugly.

I’d have to say this is one of the worst bags I’ve seen this year. I’m sure there are bad ones out there too but I’m just quite surprised Burberry came up with this.

How do you peeps feel? Are you with my verdict on this one?



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