Celebrity Bag: Reese Witherspoon is Garden Party Ready!


The last time I saw Reese photographed carrying a Hermes Garden Party was all the way back in 2012 when she carried the lighter colored version of the same style. This time she toted a black one as she took her son out in California.


It’s kinda funny how there are times we just want to carry a nondescript bag but then we are unwilling to compromise on quality– the Garden Party seems to be the bag some women choose at Hermes because it is almost “nondescript”. But hah, so much for style “anonymity” as more and more women carry the said bag, making it popular and almost mainstream and well, recognizable!



I don’t own a Hermes Garden Party tote (because I’m still too cheap to buy one), but many women I know who own one swear by it because it is very easy to carry and is not at all heavy. The quality of course, is unquestionable 🙂

Perhaps peeps it’s high time the Hermes Garden Party takes centerstage. This bag has been upstaged time immemorial by its brand sisters, the Birkin and the Kelly!


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