Celebrity Bag: The Gucci Bright Bit Tote for Blake Lively and Pooch!


You may get a celebrity to like a certain designer bag, but to get a celebrity’s furry friend to like it is no easy feat 🙂

I came across the cutest photo of Blake Lively with her pooch Baxter as she sat on the grass, engrossed on her phone. And furry Baxter seemed to take an interest in Blake’s Gucci Bright Bit Tote in ostrich leather, sniffing it before giving it his approval *haha too cute!*

Here was how the conversation could have gone between Baxter and Blake 🙂

Baxter: It is a bird, mama Blake!
Blake: No Bax! It WAS a bird, but now it’s a beautiful Gucci tote! 🙂
Baxter: Oh, so I can’t run after it then?
Blake: Knock it off, Bax, it’s mama’s bag now 🙂


Joking aside, here is an up close photo of the same tote in classic black leather which I think is really classy– and more versatile in terms of color and leather texture:


It comes with a detachable shoulder strap too, along with compartments inside so your things just don’t tumble about. It is a pretty no- nonsense bag and that antiqued gold signature horsebit hardware is subtle and unobtrusive to the look of the bag as a whole.

It comes in different colors and leather textures (including the ostrich version of Blake), but I find that in black leather, it looks its best. Two thumbs up for this bag!

For more information on the Gucci Bright Bit Toteicon including what it looks like when carried, click HERE.


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