Face-Off: Saint Laurent Emmanuelle vs. Mansur Gavriel Bucket



Sorry for the blogging absence as the internet connection was pretty bad the last few days during Pope Francis’ visit in the Philippines– crazy, the mobile network providers were actually asked to disrupt service for the security of the Pope. But it’s all good because his visit was a success and that it was also a safe one. Whew!!

Anyway, now that we are all back in order and that the loooong holiday (which we had all enjoyed) is over, it’s back to regular blogging! Now let’s talk bags. I can’t wait for February actually, because I have been waiting for the restocking of Mansur Gavriel bucket bags– the bucket bag is one of the hottest styles at the moment, and it’s funny because this style came back to haunt many of us from a decade or so ago (with the LV Petit Noe).

But for those who don’t really have the EQ to wait for the Mansur Gavriel bucket bags (which I’m 200% sure will sell out the moment they become available),



there is a more expensive alternative, the Saint Laurent Emmanuelle Bucket Bag.

Now this bag is about 4.5x more expensive than the Mansur Gavriel bucket, but I have to admit, it is just as tempting to own this one because Saint Laurent has been known to make sturdy bags (for longevity). If you can’t really decide on which of the two bags to get, here are the differences between the 2 brands:

Saint Laurent Emmanuelle Bucket:

  • drawstring enclosure
  • detachable rolled handle
  • grommets on the bag where the drawstring goes through
  • adjustable shoulder strap
  • suede interior lining with pocket
  • costs US$2,965 +/-

Mansur Gavriel Bucket:

  • ribbon tie enclosure
  • detachable wallet
  • adjustable shoulder strap
  • raw leather interior as the lining
  • costs US $495 +/-

So which of the two are you more likely to get? I am still gravitating toward the Mansur Gavriel because it does look sleeker than the Saint Laurent Emmanuelle Bucketicon, but haha like most of you, do I have the EQ to wait hours for the MG website to be restocked with them and “virtual- grab” the bag before someone else does? Haha 🙂 Worth it, no? Especially with the amount of money you’d be saving!! Your thoughts? 🙂


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